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March 05, 2007
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March 10, 2007
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October 08, 2006
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Theory No 9:

  • Also another signs of human aura inside or outside are that, the people with average or large human aura inside them look more rough and bigger in size than people with smaller or human aura outside them.
  • It seems some criminal people found a little bits about the power of human aura and the financial benefits they can obtain without caring about huge lose in human life and its progress, and that is to release the aura of a person. Especially they are concentrated on average and large sizes human aura, so they can make small to adult sizes simple human look alike robots whose easily can be manipulated. This robotics creatures default form is to be invisible and be with a human being as a recording device. So a big aura can releases significant numbers of this type of robots, and each one of them has the blue print of its birth owner and ready to record the learning process of the new owner.
  • So a person who gets a piece of some one else aura some how looses some of its originality or himself depends to the strength of new aura, even it is possible it looses his own aura completely and some how became a person who these new piece of aura belongs to. They look like the original owner of the Aura, get their habits and behaviors and obviously stole their knowledge too. So it is a free ride in the expenses of loosing yourself so it means I am not good enough and I want to be some one else. Of course that piece of robot does have some information saved in that piece, but not all which are saved in animal Aura. The Animal Aura is the most valuable piece of technology to the birth owner.
  • These ways of getting auras is the most wrong way morally and scientifically. It is possible the original owner find out about it and can collect all his/ her Aura pieces, so the new owner looses all the experiences and memories which has been learnt by new one. If the person still has the old aura of himself, the person became the person in that point of time which got the new aura, and if the person does not have the old one, became aura less, which has a big consequences from memory lose, disorientation, lost time, disease, to madness and death. The whole procedures could be vice versa for the birth owner too.
  • The other use of these robotics creatures by criminals is to make things for them free of charge from Money to Airplanes. But all these things are not free it must be claimed. Aura Robots make these things with materials that human being made. So every thing a robot makes must be taken away from some people aura and human body to the point that a biological person changed to a robot and aura and need to be with another biological human or disappear from surface of earth forever.
  • The biggest Aura has all the scientific knowledge and secret which human being can achieve in them.
  • All these human look alike robots made by animal Aura can perform very naturally like a human, and use the mind and knowledge of its owner.
  • So people should take care of their animal Aura very much and don’t let them to leave them.
  • Aura is a robot with small brain so it uses the information captured or learnt by its owner.
  • Aura likes unhypnotised mind, so one way that an aura leaves its owner is by hypnotizing the owner.
  • Aura loves its owner, and won’t leave its owner easily, but It can be removed from a person by some ways known by some criminal people, so they can use the aura power for their own financial benefits. In this process usually make the owner sick, disable, or killed except if the Aura owner find out and talk to its Aura and tell it whoever took anything from you, it will be taken out from that person aura himself not mine. But in general taking away aura from a person is in big disadvantages of the birth owner.
  • Every person Aura is in fact simpler version of that person, so it has some feelings and in the lifetime of the person, the Aura try to communicate with its owner to tell the owner that I am part of you and I exist.
  • If a person knows its aura, the aura always stays with the birth owner and never leaves.
    Even if an Aura leaves its owner, at first it is for effort to show itself to its owner, but because of short memory and simplicity can be fooled by other human mind.
  • Aliens and Aura can travel through the time to the past or to the future.
Theory No 10:
The hypnotized people can see other people auras. It is not good to be hypnotized, because the hypnotizing block the normal brain process and it’s productively. The hypnotized person can be manipulated and order around by the people who knows the trigger words and action.

Theory No 11:
Aliens can make human robots from design of a person saved in an aura. They can change this robotic creature to the biological human. The Aliens made Robots are in high quality and can be exactly like the original blue print owner.

Theory No 12:
Aliens can mix the design from different blue print to create a robot. It seems like there is a software application that makes human; using object oriented languages such as Java. Adding different object to create a human.

Theory No 13:
All religions and prophets on earth have communicated with Aliens. Because of lack of understanding in both side there are that much misunderstanding exist in different religions. Aliens can communicate with the creatures through its Aura, so usually prophets have very big Aura. Human is a biological being without third party devices like Aura, Alien has no way to communicate with the human. The Aura knows the owner and can translate the thought of the owner to some sort of computer codes for Alien to understand.

Theory No 14:
Aliens like to have the Planet Earth Laboratory full of biological human being with their birth Aura attached to them from birth to death.

Theory No 15:
Every few years or few decades Aliens upgrade the people of Earth with looking to their Aura and fix or repair or collect the faulty ones. In these process some people may earn or loose. Earn to be themselves if they have not use their own Aura or someone else Aura in a wrong ways or loose to be less smart and up to date if they loose their own Aura or used someone else one. The rule is no one should use Aura in a wrong way especially using some one else Aura. All the usage is recorded and Alien can trace them easily if they want to.

Theory No 16:
I read somewhere that there is some type of fly on earth that their life span is 24 hours of a human life. This means a fly born, grows, has birth, and dies in 24 hours. So are human life span to Alien is something like 24 hours? It is likely to be like that. Alien see us very fast, to study us they have to change form, size, phase and close to our time span to be more compatible with us.

Theory No 17:
Alien gave human being a brain, which has the half of Alien brain capacities and power if to be used in its maximum potentials.

Theory No 18:
The current human race gets its diversity of looks, color, and body structures from different type of its monkey ancestors and also the looks, intelligence and hair lessens of Aliens.

Theory No 19:
Alien is constantly testing and checking sample group of people. Some sample testing group or families are given more alien genes and they progresses have been watched and study by aliens generations after generations.

Theory No 20:
Aliens observe their test cases using law similar to extremely advanced version of Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance.

Theory No 21:
Planet Earth is protected by Alien non-stop, otherwise the Earth won’t survive from invasions of other extremely intellectual beings exist on the universe.

Theory no 22:
The crop circle is a sign to our Aliens from Aliens competitors to say we still can break through to your protection and reach to your Laboratory.

Theory No 23:
Aliens are the familiar faces of UFO inhabitances.

Theories from Shahrzad Jahangirian

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