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August 4, 2007: If you want to be safe Be Yourself from Birth To Death

These theories are my brain storming in 24 hours I have just typed them in. These thoughts started to grow on my mind from November 2004 until now July 2005. Theory No 1:
The current form of human race originated from extremely satanic, primitive, wild animals that brought to earth from other planets in universe by extremely intelligent creatures whom I call Aliens.

Theory No 2:
Aliens brought differnt types of animals to earth for Scientific experiences, the ultimate objectives are to evolve these wild animals to be more intellectual, or in another words little bit like themselves. So Earth is a big Laboratory.

Theory No 3:
The wild primitive creatures brought to Earth from different planets were in close range of intellectual capacities.

Theory No 4:
Aliens brought the primitive creatures to earth from different planets on universe. All the existing historic pyramids around the world point to some stars and planets, that could be the signal which says the primitive ancestors of all the people in these areas brought from planets which are pointed by pyramids.

Theory No 5:
Alien did some biological or DNA changes on wild animals by adding some cell of themselves to these animals. A percentage of Aliens cells.

Theory No 6:
The current form of human race does not exist, if it wasn’t because of Aliens decisions to make biological creatures similar to themselves. The changes from wild animals to human started by adding some Alien cells to wild Animals. What could be the percentage? Maybe the human race started with %99.9925 of Animal cells and %0.0075 of Alien cells.

Theory No 7:
Aura is a protective shield around a person, some people have larger aura and some have smaller aura that made by Aliens.

Theory No 8:
Aura is an advanced piece of technology, Advanced Computer or in other words is a Robot and an Artificial Intelligence (AI) which meant to record the growing process of the biological being, so Alien can study the structure and combination and make up of their created creatures.

Theory No 9:
Also Aura has so many other qualities:

  • One is an Alien measurement tool,
  • The other is Alien tool box,
  • It has the blue copy of its owner,
  • Depends to its size and type has magical powers,
  • Can change form and shape,
  • Can be visible and invisible,
  • In a normal and default form is invisible to human eyes,
  • Can be captured in a picture by Kirlian photography,
  • It is colorful and shows the person type and characteristic,
  • In other Aura default form, it changes to some type of animal. The most common animals are Lion or cat, Bear, Pigs, Kangaroo, Possum, and Monkey. They are in different sizes, from few centimeters height to more than one-meter height.
  • Alien sends a strong signal and message with Animal Aura to human being and that is “your ancestors are animals”
  • The animal Aura depends to its size and type can be very powerful. The average size can make children size human robots and the larger sizes can make adult human robots.
  • These Robots are made using the blue print of its owner, and it is the simpler version of a person
  • Every aura has some saved already discovered or undiscovered scientific, technology and biological secrets in it, which has been stored by Alien.
  • Every person who read and adds more to his/ her knowledge in different ways causes his/her aura disk opens up some of its hidden knowledge. These hidden opened secrets could be obtained by human being in few ways. The most right way is the genius sparks in to the mind of the owner of the Aura whom is not hypnotized and gets this knowledge with observation and logical analysis.
  • In some cultures in planet earth, people let their Aura go inside them at their teen age years or their twenties. Middle Eastern, Indian, South American, Mediterranean and Latin people are in this type of people. These people usually have average to big Auras. What happens to them is that they obtain some extra knowledge the time their Aura goes inside them because whatever they learnt by that point in their life opened some of their Aura disk. So obviously this is the major reason they like to let their Aura goes inside them because they think they got more knowledge and get smarter. For a short time the outcome sounds good but in a long run they stock in that point of time. They learn less because the robot has not have a big brain and their creative thinking process became very slow and lazy. In fact they exchange their brain which has the ability of half brain of the alien with much much smaller one. They behavior became robotic, and they became slave of habits. They can not change and can not adopt new things easily. Although their memory are very good because whatever they read record in their disk and they remember it easily for rest of their life. So this is the another almost right way of using your own Aura.
  • After while above type of people sounds old-fashioned and in a way still young socially, young of their time. So after thirty years they are young but young of thirty years ago.
  • In some other cultures of Earth planet they have much smaller Aura, so even if their Aura goes inside them the robotic power of aura are not that strong, and these people don’t loose theirs brain full power to smaller one. The North American, North European, Japanese and Chinese people are in this group. So these people are creative thinkers and usually all the inventions and discoveries come from these types of people.
  • One of the signs for knowing who is in what group is the reading method and the learning procedures. People with Aura outside of them or small Aura use to read and keep lots of books. Their memory are not very strong and they have to understand and tell the knowledge by their own words and understanding. They need to refer to their books and notes every few years to refresh their memories. In other hand people with their Aura inside them do not keep many books; they only use them to learn it in first place. And when they learnt it once usually more memorizing type of learning, they remember it for rest of their life.
Theories of creation from Shahrzad Jahangirian