Shaz Invoice Software

Shaz Invoice Software is an Application to create Standard Invoices for Individuals and Organizations that have purchased Goods or Services from a Selling Unit.

It includes Twenty different Professional Invoice Templates. Every Invoice gives all the important information to your Customer about Goods or Services Purchased. Invoices are classified in Four Categories of, Two Columns, Three Columns, Four Columns and Five Columns Invoices.

Shaz Invoice Software is a Flexible Business Invoicing and Billing Software designed for people with not much Computer Knowledge to Advanced Users.

Main Features

  • Create Invoices with "What You See Is What You Get" Data Entry Screen.
  • Flexible Business Invoicing Software for small business and home computer.
  • Twenty different Invoice Templates in Four Categories of Two Columns, Three Columns, Four Columns, and Five Columns Invoices.
  • Create different Types of Invoice such as Standard, Tax, Commercial, Service or any other Types.
  • Calculate Sales Tax, add Miscellaneous Charges or Freights, and include Extra Fee for a Service.
  • Change Font Face, Color, Size, and Style for every Input Field.