Common Features for all 20 Invoices

Shaz Invoice Software 2020 has following Common Features for all of the 20 Invoices
  1. At top of each Invoice data entry screen there is a Font Bar that allows you to choose font format that includes font face, style, size, and color for each text box of your Invoice if you do not like to use the default.

  2. Shaz Invoice Software 2020 is What you See Is What You Get Invoice Application Software, so you only need to type in each Invoice details in provided Text Boxes. However to have the best result your entry should not exceed the size of each text box.

  3. There is an option for automatically fill in your Business Logo image and Contact details for each invoice, if you setup your Business details at Business Contact Setup.

  4. Also you can automatically fill in your Customer Contact Details if you have entered Customer details at Customer Maintenance

  5. Every Invoice data entry screen allows you to enter 5 lines of Invoice at a time. For adding more lines to an Invoice you need to press Add more button, that save previously entered invoice lines and clear boxes for another 5 lines. However remember that your entry does not exceed one A4 page.

  6. Every Invoice has a Currency Sign Box that gives you the option for changing your invoice currency sign for Subtotal, Sales Tax, Freight, Shipping, Misc Charges, and Total Due by using a font face that has your selected currency symbol or type in currency text like AUD or USD.

  7. Reset Button will clear all text boxes.

  8. View,Save,Print Button gives you Print Preview of your completed Invoice to View, Save and Print.

  9. There are one or two Notes Boxes in every Invoice for adding any Text Messages to your Customer.