Print Customers (Alt-N) (Advanced Feature)

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Print Customers allows you to print all Customer details in many ways (image 3). When you select a Print Option, you will see the Print Preview in Windows Notepad Application ready for Print in two ways one by pressing Print in Print Confirmation screen and the other is by directly using Print option of Windows Notepad application (image 1).
Please Note, in Customer Print Screen you can not change any Customer Details, they are only for View and Print. For changing Customer details visit Customer Maintenance.

Print Options

Print All Fields will print all Customer details.

Print Address Label will print preset Customers Fields that have values as an Address Label that includes Contact Name, Company Name, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Post Code, and Country.

Print Selected Fields gives you a Screen for selecting Fields to be printed as you see in image 2 below, you select fields that you like to be printed and then click Print button.

TIP 1: Print One Customer by copying its details from Windows Notepad result in to another Word Processing application like Microsoft Word, Notepad, and others.

TIP 2: Save the Notepad result in Microsoft Word for more formatting options such as color, font style, font size, and more.

image 2

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